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AHCS has been services our a/c units for approx. 6 years. Recently we had to replace a condenser. We appreciate the extra time Scott took to explain our options and review details. The 5 ton unit was recently installed in a timely and efficient manner.

Paula W.

I had amazing service, and an honest explanation by Scott and his service techs of the issue we were having with our a/c. I had another company come out and wanted to do an expensive dye test to verify where the leak was occurring in our a/c system. Scott found it right away and verified it was the inside coil. Scott was right on point with price, service, and his warranty and follow up is second to none.

Mark M.

He heard my problem, walked me through a couple of troubleshooting steps, and when those didn't work, agreed to come out. He was here for about 20 minutes, fixed everything, and we're back in business. It is customer service like this that wins and keeps customers coming back.

Melissa B.

Great customer service. I have used this team a few times over the last several years. First for maintenance on my old system and later to have a new system installed. I also had no issues with them honoring a couple of warranty calls which they quickly resolved. We later had the do some custom industrial duct work for us which turned out great.

Anthony M.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

If you don't know, a Code of Ethics is a set of rules used by all companies, professional organizations, and individuals to help govern their decision-making in choosing what is right or wrong.

Being a Christian-based company, our priority is to establish a business culture that reflects those values and principles found in the Bible.

“Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” (Matt. 7:12)

The success of our business is dependent on the trust and confidence that we have earned from our employees and customers. This credibility is gained by adhering to our commitments, being honest, and reaching company goals with honorable conduct. 

We it might be easier said than done, our actions will be proof of this. 

No, North Austin, TX is not the only town in Texas we can provide our services. Here is the list of towns we also provide services in.

  • Brushy Creek
  • Cedar Park
  • Georgetown
  • Hutto
  • Jollyville
  • Lago Vista
  • Leander
  • Liberty Hill
  • Round Rock
  • Serenada
  • Sunset Valley
  • West Lake Hills

Here at American Home and Commercial Services, we recognize the impact a quality air conditioning system can have on your daily life. Your AC might not be something you think about often, it's something you depend on every summer to cool down your home or business. 

We take it upon ourselves to make sure customers get the service that they deserve, ensuring they don't accept anything less than complete, getting total satisfaction from the products and service that we provide. Whether it's installation, repairs, or routine maintenance, our team of trained professionals is committed to excellence all the way.

Our Air Conditioning Services Include:

  • Air Conditioning System Diagnostics
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Air Conditioner Tune-Ups and Maintenance
  • A/C Drain Line Cleaning
  • Zone Control Systems
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Thermostat Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Tune-Up Plans

We realize how much people rely on their system to get through the winter and we believe you should be able to rely on the people who will maintain your heating unit in the same way. At American Home and Commercial Services, we can help you avoid any stress by offering comprehensive services that directly address your needs so you can rest easy knowing your home or business HVAC is being cared for.

Heating systems can quickly get confusing for an everyday person (never mind the fact that HVAC's are a big topic understand). But that's ok, our teams of trained technicians can assist you with just about any heating issue you may have.

Our Heating Services Include:

  • Heating System Diagnostics & Maintenance
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Thermostats
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Zone Controls
  • Heat Pumps (Service, Repair, Replacement)

At American Home and Commercial Services, we believe that you can't put a value on the peace of mind that comes with the comfort of being in your own home or business space. 

To achieve and maintain that sense of comfort, you should be able to control the indoor temperature of your space, and having a quality thermostat installed can make this become a reality.

When you begin your search for the right thermostat, there are a vast amount of options to choose from and factors to consider. This begins with the types of thermostats. These can range from the traditional thermostat to smart thermostats that can interact with your smartphone.

All of this is also dependent on the type of HVAC system you have in place. The need for a low voltage thermostat compared to a line voltage thermostat will be determined by the heating systems in place. . Our experts can help guide you through the technical aspects needed for your situation, while also showing you the options available if you are interested.

Most gas furnaces can be relied on for 15 years or more when properly maintained and all you need is access to a natural gas line and a set of air ducts. On top of that, today there are highly energy-efficient systems that cost little to run which can save you money. This makes professional gas furnace services an important investment.

Our team of trained professionals at American Home and Commercial Services can offer you a comprehensive list of gas furnace services. Our licensed technicians are highly trained and valued customer service so you're getting dependable advice that addresses your needs and questions.

We offer free estimates and honest advice so that you can take comfort in knowing you're set up to have your furnace operating at peak efficiency. It's also worth noting that gas furnace service and maintenance can be dangerous so doing it yourself can potentially void certain manufacturer warranties. Whether you need a new unit altogether, repairs, or routine maintenance we can be your all-around service provider when it comes to gas furnaces.

American Home and Commercial Services can deliver you a range of trustworthy gas furnace services:

Installation - When getting a new gas furnace, it's extremely important to have someone with the proper knowledge and training do the work. If you don’t spend time figuring out the best unit and setting it up correctly, then you could end up with a unit that fails sooner than the predicted lifespan. We’ll be able to help with these services.

Repair - Signs of furnace mishaps can be subtle, so it's important to stay aware of any signs. Our licensed technicians can help take a look and let you know if there are any need for repairs.

Maintenance - It's generally recommended that you schedule a yearly maintenance check prior to the start of the heating season. This allows a technician the opportunity to make any electrical or mechanical adjustments while conducting a thorough cleaning. In turn, your unit will have many benefits and minimize chances of any problems for the future.

Heat pumps are the alternative heating option to furnaces, these have the ability to also supply cooling solutions, hot water, and dehumidification with some high-efficiency systems. With the right setup, not only can they maintain or improve your indoor level of comfort, but their energy reductions can help save money for you. No matter what system you need serviced or choose to have installed, our professionals can come to you and help you experience these benefits in no time.

We also make sure you have properly insulated ducts in place to ensure steady and balanced climate control throughout your home/commercial space. Lack of attention to the detail that comes with heat pumps can lead to things like imbalanced ductwork, which can negatively affect a unit’s performance and efficiency.

Here at American Home & Commercial Services, we offer indoor air quality services for the following:

  • UV lights
  • Air scrubbers
  • Whole house air purifiers
  • Space guard allergy filters
  • Duct sealing
  • Duct replacements

We are a family-owned and operated HVAC business that has been active since 1989. We make it our mission to serve the Great Austin Area with quality, timely and affordable HVAC services so we can meet all of your home comfort needs. 

While we specialize in heating and air conditioning ( HVAC ), we are now expanding our services so that we can build an even stronger partnership with our customers than before. Making our business more than just servicing HVAC units

At AHC, we have a set of core business values that reinforce our values in customer service this includes:

  • Accountability
  • Honor
  • Knowledge
  • Fairness
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Success

So don't wait, call now for a free quote and see what we can do for your HVAC unit!

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