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Air Conditioning Replacement In Leander, TX

Welcome to American Home and Commercial Services, your top choice for air conditioning replacement in Leander, TX and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of HVAC expertise, our NATE-certified technicians have the experience and training to properly remove and install new air conditioning units.

Why You May Need Air Conditioning Replacement

There are several reasons you may need a full unit replacement for your Leander home or business:

Your AC Unit Is Over 10 Years Old

Most air conditioners last 10-15 years. As the system ages, repairs become more frequent and parts harder to find. Upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient unit saves you money long-term.

Frequent Repairs Are Getting Expensive

If you’re constantly calling the AC repair company to fix issues like refrigerant leaks, electrical shorts, and compressor failures, it likely means the entire unit needs to be replaced.

Higher Electric Bills Than Normal

Inefficient, outdated AC systems run constantly to maintain temperature. Newer models with better SEER ratings operate more efficiently, lowering power bills.

Uncomfortable Indoor Temperatures

No matter what settings you try, if your old unit struggles to keep rooms at a comfortable temp, it may be time for heating and cooling system replacement.

Benefits of New AC Unit Installation

Replacing worn-out air conditioners with new, advanced systems provides:

Enhanced Home Comfort

With powerful and reliable cooling capabilities, upgraded units maintain pleasant indoor temperatures and humidity levels.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Cut electric costs with a new AC unit that cools your home using less energy compared to outdated models.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

Modern systems filter out allergens, reduce humidity, and circulate fresh air more effectively.

Peace of Mind

Investing in a new, warrantied AC system means fewer unexpected repair costs and breakdowns.

Higher Resale Value

An upgraded, efficient AC adds value when selling your Leander home. Homebuyers want reliable cooling systems.

What To Expect During Air Conditioning Replacement

Replacing an AC unit is a major project that requires proper removal of the old system and expert installation of new equipment. Here is what you can expect:

Initial Consultation

During a site visit and inspection, our team will evaluate your current setup, measure ductwork, check electrical load, and make replacement recommendations.

Permitting & Removal

After securing city permits, we disconnect and extract the old air handler and condenser. Proper disposal follows EPA guidelines.

New Equipment Installation

With precision measurements, ductwork is tailored to your new high-efficiency AC unit. The system is mounted, connected, vacuum checked for leaks, and charged with refrigerant.

Startup & Testing

We power on the equipment to confirm proper operation, air flow, and temperature differential. Zoning and controls are adjusted for ideal performance.

Clean Up & Finishing Touches

Work areas are cleaned, debris removed, and lawn repaired from equipment removal. You receive warranty info and instructions for optimal use.

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Types of Air Conditioning Systems We Offer

American Home and Commercial Services provides expert installation of all major AC unit types. The right system depends on factors like your home’s size, efficiency goals, and budget:

Central Split AC Systems

The most common type used in Leander homes is the central forced-air system with an outdoor condenser and evaporator coils inside an air handler. Energy-efficient models are available.

Ductless Mini-Split Units

For additions, garages, or rooms without ductwork, ductless mini-splits provide zoned comfort controlled by a thermostat in each space. Multiple indoor heads link to one small outdoor unit.

Packaged Air Conditioners

All components – compressor, coils, filters, and fans – come pre-assembled into one cabinet unit placed on a slab or roof. Simple design usually suits commercial buildings.

Evaporative Coolers

Using less energy, “swamp coolers” pull outside air through water-soaked pads. The cooled air is circulated by a blower into your home. Humidity must be low for effectiveness.

Our technicians will recommend the ideal system that meets your home’s needs and budget.

Air Conditioner Brands We Carry & Install

At American Home Services, we vet brands thoroughly and only install equipment from the most trusted AC manufacturers. Our selection includes:


With advanced controls and durable components tested in extreme conditions, Trane consistently ranks as the most reliable brand. Their XR units achieve up to 18 SEER for lower energy usage.


Innovative signature features like precision zoning allow Lennox systems to customize temperatures and optimize efficiency room-by-room. SilentComfort models minimize outdoor noise.


This brand offers superb value investing in core components rather than bells & whistles. Their focus on quality materials withstands the test of time.


Originated from the company that invented modern air conditioning, Carrier systems benefit from decades of engineering with reliable performance at solid price points.

No matter which brand you choose, we oversee professional sizing, permitting, installation, and integrate advanced zoning or smart controls if desired. You’ll enjoy years of comfort and energy savings.

Our technicians will recommend the ideal system that meets your home’s needs and budget.

Frequently Asked AC Replacement Questions

Still have more questions about upgrading your air conditioning system? See some of the most common questions Leander, TX homeowners ask:
AC replacement costs $5,800 on average in the Leander area. Prices range from $3,500 - $7,000 based the age/condition of current ductwork, size/SEER rating of the system, and additional work needed like electrical upgrades.
If your AC is over 10 years old and requires frequent repairs, replacement is likely the wiser investment. New, efficient models save on energy bills long-term compared to constantly fixing an outdated unit.
Beyond replacing an old system, simple efficiency steps include: closing vents in unused rooms, replacing filters monthly, clearing debris from outdoor units, having a technician recharge refrigerant levels properly, and using a programmable thermostat.
The ideal AC unit size depends on factors like your home’s square footage, number of floors/rooms, insulation levels, sun exposure, ductwork layout, and number of occupants. Our team performs detailed load calculations to determine the correctly sized system.
The full replacement process typically spans 3-5 days between equipment removal, securing permits, installation, and testing. The job may take a bit longer if ductwork modifications or additional electrical work is required.

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Our Leander cooling experts are here to make the entire air conditioning replacement process seamless. After a thorough evaluation of your home and goals, we’ll recommend perfect system options from trusted brands. You’ll benefit from:

  • Precision sizing, zoning, installation
  • Advantageous financing/rebates
  • Permitting/code compliance
  • Efficiency optimization
  • Smart home integration

Invest in long-lasting comfort, indoor air quality, and energy savings for your home by upgrading to a brand new, warrantied AC unit. Call +1 512-515-6247 now to schedule your Leander air conditioning replacement!

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