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Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Leander, TX

As a leading HVAC company with over 10 years of expertise, American Home and Commercial Services specializes in commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair for businesses across Leander, TX and surrounding areas. With round-the-clock service, highly trained technicians, and top brands of commercial AC equipment, we keep your business cool, comfortable, and operating efficiently season after season.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial AC Needs?

When you choose American Home and Commercial Services for your business’s cooling requirements, you get:

A Locally Owned Leander, TX HVAC Company

Many HVAC companies servicing Leander are giant national chains with techs unfamiliar with our hot Texas climate. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated for over a decade right here in Central Texas. Our Leander HVAC technicians have the experience to expertly service commercial air conditioners despite our area’s intense summer heat.

24/7 Emergency Service

In Texas, a broken AC is considered an emergency. As a top Leander, TX HVAC company, we provide 24/7 cooling service. Our phone lines are open nights, weekends, and holidays to immediately assist your business any time your commercial air stops blowing cold.

Multiple Highly Trained Commercial AC Techs

With a greater volume of service vehicles and more highly experienced commercial air conditioning professionals than other companies have on staff, we can quickly send a commercial HVAC technician familiar with your AC system anytime you need cooling service.

Commercial AC Maintenance Plans

Proper maintenance is crucial to avoid emergency AC repairs and keep energy bills low. We offer quarterly, semi-annual, and annual commercial air conditioning maintenance agreements tailored to your commercial property’s needs and budget.

Brand Name Commercial Cooling Equipment

We install and service top HVAC manufacturers like Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Daikin, and Goodman commercial air conditioners known for quality construction and reliability. And we handle all makes and models.

Upfront Pricing

You’ll know what you’re paying before we begin any commercial air conditioning service. We’ll review the charges in detail so there are no surprise fees on your invoice.

Commercial Cooling Services Offered

With comprehensive services for any commercial AC need, American Home and Commercial Services helps Leander business owners maximize HVAC system efficiency, lifecycle, and indoor air quality. Our commercial cooling services include:

AC Installation

We expertly install brand new commercial air conditioning systems including packaged units, split systems, VRV/VRF systems, and chillers. Our team handles the entire process from consultation to permitting to professional installation focused on reliability, efficiency, and fast cooling.

AC Replacement

If your current commercial air conditioner is outdated, no longer cooling properly, or costing you too much in repairs and high energy bills, AC replacement can pay for itself quickly. We’ll help you choose the correctly sized, highly efficient system that meets your business goals and qualify for rebates.

HVAC Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Proactive maintenance keeps commercial AC equipment running smoothly, prevents many emergencies, and maximizes energy efficiency. Our semi-annual or annual AC tune up service prolongs the life of your commercial cooling system.

AC Repairs

Our skilled Leander commercial AC repair technicians have experience across multiple industries diagnosing and repairing all types and sizes of cooling equipment. We troubleshoot precisely to fix the problem right the first time and avoid return service calls.

Ductwork Installation & Repair

For new commercial buildings, we work with contractors to plan and install well-designed ductwork sized for your future business needs. We also modify and repair ductwork causing airflow, ventilation, or indoor air quality issues.

Smart Thermostats

Programmable smart thermostats give you greater control over your environment and reduce operating costs. We carry a range of commercial programmable and WiFi thermostats with remote access available.

Why Does My Commercial AC Need Regular Service?

Many business owners view their HVAC system as just another costly equipment expense and service it only when there’s an obvious issue. But preventative maintenance saves significantly in the long run by:

Optimizing Efficiency

A neglected AC that isn’t cleaned or calibrated regularly works much harder than necessary driving your energy bills higher. Our maintenance helps it run at peak efficiency.

Extending Equipment Lifespans

Lack of maintenance stresses commercial cooling components leading to early breakdowns and the need for expensive repairs or full replacement far sooner than properly maintained systems. You’ll gain 5-10 more years of service life with just two tune-ups yearly.

Improving Air Quality

Changing filters, clearing debris that breeds bacteria, and ensuring proper airflow and ventilation during maintenance services creates cleaner, healthier indoor air for employees and customers.

Identifying Minor Issues Before Emergencies Occur

Our techs look for potential problems like refrigerant leaks, loose belts/wiring, drain clogs, uneven airflow, etc. Repairing minor issues promptly reduces the likelihood of catastrophic AC failures in peak summer heat.

Validating Warranties

Most commercial AC manufacturers require documented proof of ongoing maintenance and service history to honor equipment warranties when issues arise. Our reports provide the detailed records you’ll need.

Common Commercial AC Repairs

With heavy usage and large capacity cooling needs, commercial HVAC systems face plenty of strain and component failure risks requiring skilled troubleshooting and repair expertise to get business surroundings back to the right temperature quickly. Common issues our Leander commercial AC company sees include:

Refrigerant Leaks

With pipes and tubing running through hot attics, across rooftops, and snaking through walls, leaks eventually develop requiring refrigerant recharge, leak testing and skilled repair to seal. Unfixed, refrigerant loss causes reduced cooling ability plus compressor damage over time.

Drain Line Clogs

When condensate drainage pipes or external drain lines get clogged by microbial growth, rust debris or foreign items, water can’t exit properly. Resulting leaks cause HVAC controls to shut down cooling plus water damage needing mold remediation.

Frozen Coils & Evaporator Issues

Dirt buildup lowers heat-transfer efficiency of these vital internal AC components while also inviting corrosive moisture creation leading to breakdowns. Frosted coils indicate very low refrigerant levels. All cause inadequate cooling until cleaned or replaced.

Blower & Fan Malfunctions

Faulty bearings, stuck pulleys, debris inside cabinets all can disrupt proper airflow or even prevent fan spinning resulting in weak or no cold air output along with risk of system overheating or control board failure when fans can’t run.

Compressor Failure

The compressor pumps refrigerant through the AC system so when these complex motors malfunction due to age, electrical issues or worn internal seals/valves, no or inadequate cooling gets produced until compressor repair/replacement.

Burnt Circuit Boards

Electrical surges, motor failures, wiring issues can all damage sophisticated AC circuit boards. Burnt circuitry leads to incorrect system functioning, continuous cycling on/off strains components until boards are swapped out.

Contactor & Relay Problems

These electrical control devices regulate refrigerant flow and high-voltage power routing across AC components. Contactor/relay sticking or failure throws the entire cooling process out of sequence preventing cold air production.

For efficient diagnosis and prompt repair scheduling for all commercial HVAC equipment, call +1 512-515-6247 24/7.

Commercial Air Conditioning Units We Service

Beyond all makes and models, our technicians handle all commercial AC types and sizes across facilities. We specialize in:

Large Central Units from package units with air handlers, A-coil evaporators and condensers integrated atop buildings to enormous built-up central plant designs. Sized from tons to hundreds of tons cooling capacity.

Split Systems like ductless mini-splits often used in individual offices or server rooms. Plus large split systems with condensing unit outdoors, long line sets then air handler indoors.

Chillers provide chilled water, glycol or brine to Fan Coil Units or other terminal AC devices distributed building-wide while chillers remain outdoors or indoors. Require expert water treatment maintenance.

Roof Top Units (RTUs) packaged commercial AC systems set atop low/mid-rise buildings from restaurants to offices to schools.

Precision Cooling for technology/electronics temperature/humidity control like data centers and telecom facilities.

Industrial Process Cooling for manufacturing plant moisture removal, machine cooling, industrial spaces requiring ventilation per code plus worker comfort cooling, and process load demands.

Computer Room (CRAC) Units cool vital IT equipment while maintaining very low humidity levels to avoid static, condensation threats in server rooms and data centers.

Makeup Air Units (MAUs) for commercial kitchen exhaust plus large CFM needs replacing building air constantly evacuated.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) fast-growing central plant alternative popular across warehouses, high rises, hospitals, universities and similar expansive campuses hard to zone.

Have confidence knowing our systematic process leads to the most accurate troubleshooting so mini split breakdowns get repaired correctly the first time. Avoid frustrations of repeated technician visits or misdiagnosed problems – call the mini split repair pros at +1 512-515-6247!

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For over 10 years commercial clients throughout Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville and greater Austin, TX areas have relied on the cooling installation, maintenance and 24-hour repair services from American Home and Commercial Services. Call +1 512-515-6247 for immediate assistance from our NATE certified technicians.

Frequently AskedQuestions

Below are some common questions we hear from Leander, TX business owners about commercial air conditioning service, maintenance, equipment life expectancy, warranties and more.

Commercial cooling maintenance costs average $200-$350 for small packaged units up to $1,500+ tune ups on central built-up systems over 75 tons. Multi-year service agreements often discount rates 5%-15% at American Home and Commercial Services providing budget certainty.

The average lifespan runs 10-15 years although well maintained RTUs, chillers, split systems, etc can exceed 20 years of usable performance before efficiency declines necessitate replacement. Older AC equipment also uses outdated refrigerants being phased out requiring upgrades.

Absolutely, just one major AC repair like replacing a compressor motor, chiller control board or A-coil evaporator coil can easily exceed $2,000 parts and labor whereas two minor preventative maintenance appointments running around $700 yearly better protect equipment.

No, just the opposite. Most manufacturer warranties mandate documented proof of ongoing preventative maintenance done per their guidelines to keep coverage valid when issues eventually emerge so there are no warranty claim denials after investing in a costly system.

Never. Frequent stopping/restarting strains components speeding wear plus higher morning restart loads. Constant cooling is actually cheapest long run. Smart programmable thermostats are best to minimize runtime while preventing risky unit cycling daily.

High-efficiency commercial air conditioning units can cost 35%-60% more upfront but recoup that premium in just 2-3 years then provide 10+ years of additional energy savings over baseline models per Department of Energy data. Their advanced diagnostics also support optimum maintenance.

Trane, Carrier and Lennox rank among the most reliable commercial AC brands according to our technicians. Daikin, LG, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi mini-splits also show excellent longevity from our service records. Overall system lifespan still depends most on proper sizing, quality installation and preventative maintenance regardless of brand chosen.

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