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Air Conditioning Installation In Liberty Hill, TX

Welcome to American Home and Commercial Services, your top choice for air conditioning installation in Liberty Hill, TX. With over 10 years of HVAC experience, our NATE-certified technicians have the expertise to properly install new air conditioners for Liberty Hill area homes and businesses.

Why Choose Us for Your AC Installation?

When installing a new air conditioning system, you need a contractor you can trust to get the job done right. Here’s why homeowners and business owners in Liberty Hill choose American Home and Commercial Services as their AC installation company:

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What Does an AC Installation Entail?

Installing a complete air conditioning system is a complex process best left to qualified experts like our team at American Home and Commercial Services. Generally an AC installation includes:

Initial Consultation

The project starts with an on-site visit and consultation. We’ll evaluate your current HVAC system, measure key dimensions, perform calculations, and assess electrical capacity. We’ll work with you to recommend the optimal AC unit based on factors like square footage and usage needs.

Permits and Code Compliance

If applicable, we’ll obtain necessary permits from the city of Liberty Hill and ensure the installation meets relevant building codes as well as manufacturer specifications. Correct permitting and compliance prevents issues down the road.

Equipment Delivery & Staging

On installation day, we deliver the new AC equipment to your home in our dedicated trucks. Proper staging helps us complete the job efficiently while protecting your property from damage.

Removal of Old Unit

If installing a new AC system to replace an existing one, we’ll properly remove and dispose of the old air conditioner first. We salvage or recycle usable parts whenever possible.

Installation of New Unit

A proper installation requires attention to many key steps – unit placement, refrigerant line routing, condensate drainage, ductwork modification, electrical connections and more. We handle it all professionally.

Startup & Testing

Once installed, we power up your AC system and complete full diagnostic testing to verify operational integrity and troubleshoot any issues. We won’t leave until your new air conditioner runs flawlessly.

User Education

We teach you how to use your new thermostat and AC controls efficiently. We’ll familiarize you with general equipment maintenance, when to change filters, how to troubleshoot common problems, and more to keep your system running smoothly.

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New AC Installation Equipment & Components

Several key equipment components and materials are involved in installing a complete, high-quality AC system. Here’s a overview:

Outdoor Condenser/Compressor Unit

The condenser unit is installed outside your home and contains the compressor, condenser coil, fan and associated electronics. We’ll mount the unit on a concrete pad or approved stand. We offer top AC equipment brands like Trane, Goodman, Lennox, Amana and more.

Indoor Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil goes inside your home, usually mounted on top of your furnace or air handler. It works in tandem with the condenser to blow cool air. Proper coil placement ensures even, efficient airflow distribution to cool your home.

Refrigerant Lines & Connections

The condenser and evaporator coil connect via refrigerant lines that route through the walls. This allows hot compressed refrigerant to condense into liquid, cooling your home. We size and insulate the lines correctly while sealing penetration points.

Condensate Removal System

Humidity condensed out of cooled air needs to drain away properly. Our techs will expertly install a condensate drain line that slopes correctly out to a suitable disposal point. Prevent leaks.


A thermostat lets you control your AC system automatically based on set temperature. Modern smart thermostats offer convenience and efficiency. We’ll show you thermostat placement and settings for comfort and savings.

Ductwork Modifications

If your existing ductwork needs to be modified to integrate with the new AC equipment, our technicians have the sheet metal fabrication skills and tools to handle this professionally.

Electrical Connections

We’ll connect the condensing unit and air handler/evaporator coil to your home’s electrical system according to code for safe operation. This includes proper amperage, overload protection, disconnects, etc.

Properly installing all of these AC system components (plus more) requires advanced HVAC skills and tools. Trust our Liberty Hill AC installation experts to do the job right.

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What Types of AC Units Do We Install?

We are equipped to professionally install all styles and sizes of cooling systems. Most Liberty Hill, TX homes do well with a split system unit. Here are some of the most common air conditioners we install:

With extensive HVAC experience installing all types of air conditioning equipment, American Home and Commercial Services has you covered. Reach out to +1 512-515-6247 regarding your specific AC installation needs.

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What About Heating System Installation?

In addition to new air conditioner installation, we also specialize in installing complete heating systems:

So whether you need AC installation or a complete new heating and cooling system, American Home and Commercial Services delivers quality workmanship and results. Our NATE-certified technicians undergo continual training on installing the latest, most advanced HVAC equipment.

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Why Work With Our Liberty Hill AC Installation Company?

When you choose American Home and Commercial Services for your HVAC installation, you gain a dedicated partner for reliable comfort in Liberty Hill.
AC Install

FAQs About Our Liberty HillAC Installation Services

For more details about working with American Home and Commercial Services for your next air conditioning unit installation, see the FAQs below:
Most full residential AC installations take 1-2 days including equipment delivery, old unit removal, installing the new system, testing, and cleanup. We minimize disruption to your home or business.
Yes, our services encompass all steps needed for a seamless AC unit changeout – including safely reclaiming refrigerant, replacing lines as needed, ductwork modifications, electrical, permits, and disposal of old equipment.
Absolutely. Our technicians wear masks, isolate work areas with protective floor coverings, practice social distancing, sanitize tools and hands frequently, and take all prudent pandemic safety measures.
We supply and install top AC equipment brands like Trane, Carrier, Lennox, Goodman, Amana and more based on your home, budget, and needs. All backed by solid warranties.
Someone 18+ years old will need to be home to authorize work. We mainly need interior access to install evaporator components, connect to ductwork, etc. Outdoor work is independent.
Ask about seasonal promotions, manufacturer rebates, and financing options that may help offset the cost of a new air conditioning unit. We also offer discounts on multi-unit projects.
Yes, working closely with the city permit office is part our standard AC installation process. We ensure your new cooling system meets quoted efficiency ratings and relevant building codes.
If your current electrical panel lacks sufficient capacity, we can facilitate upgrading your home’s service to 200 amps or more to support AC installation. Added peace of mind.
Our team will optimize your new thermostat functionality and settings for comfort and efficiency. Many modern smart thermostat systems also allow remote adjustment via phone apps and smart home ecosystems.
Simple annual tasks like replacing filters, clearing condenser coils, checking refrigerant charge levels, testing electrical terminals, etc. can improve AC longevity. Ask about our maintenance plans!

Let us know if you have any other questions about installing new air conditioning in the Liberty Hill area!

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